The Legacy of Myra Condo

Myra is located at 9 Meyappa Chettiar Road and Woodsville Close in District 13. A freehold condominium is expected in 2023, comprising a total of 85 residential units with a plenty of types. The condo has an impressive geographical advantage compared to other projects located in District 13. Offering you impressive emotions when you are almost immersed in the prosperity of the center city. Nearby the boundary of the Bidadari residential area. This is part of the overall rejuvenation of the Potong Pasir Land where the development of the new Bidadari property will take place at the center stage.

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Dubbed the "next Bishan", the Bidadari property shares the same characteristics as the Bishan estate - a brand new town developed from the ground up, just a 10- to 15-minute drive to the Commercial District. Orchard Mall and Shopping Belt and is also home to many prestigious educational institutions.

Myra condo with rejuvenation area

Myra condo: The rejuvenation of Potong Pasir Land where the development of the new Bidadari property

Myra condo with rejuvenation area

Myra condo: Abbey Road - a charming neighbourhood of Potong Pasir

Myra Condo | Explore Potong Pasir Heritage

Sand mines, floods and Chiam See Tong have in common that they are all important parts of the history of Potong Pasir, a charming neighborhood that is much more than just the longest-held opposition district ( 1984-2011) in Singapore.

Myra Condo - a project development in Potong Pasir, Potong Pasir means 'cut sand' in Malay, was a large sand mine in the early to mid-1900s before turning to agricultural activity in the early 1950s. Being a low-lying, flood-prone area. Flooding is also a big problem in Potong Pasir. The most famous floods occurred in 1969 and 1978, where water reached 12 inches, leaving only corrugated iron and zinc roofs along the village. During the flood, many residents went to the relatively higher ground of Woodsville Hills (now occupied by St Andrew's School) for safety.

Myra Condo @ Potong Pasir Heritage with Leader Chiam See Tong

Myra Condo @ Potong Pasir Heritage with Leader Chiam See Tong

The development of Myra Residences is associated with the heritages in Potong Pasir. The beginning of the Potong Pasir we see today is perhaps best seen between 1982-1984. Having first arrived at the high-rise HDB apartment building on the site in 1982, nothing is perhaps more distinguishable than a select few with beautifully pitched roofs located in the central cluster.

During the 1984 General Election, Potong Pasir also began his 27-year reign as the longest-running opposition led by the iconic Chiam See Tong who defeated Mah Bow Tan by a staggering 20, 6% (3,454 votes). For many years, Chiam will be seen as the face of Potong Pasir, literally, with many remembering him as a man who put the interests of his people first despite limited resources for the Council. town, and even had to hold a People's Meeting. Session (MPS) with just a simple splitter at a single empty deck.

Myra condo with rejuvenation area

Myra condo: Sennett Estate still growing strong in Potong Pasir past

Myra condo with rejuvenation area

Myra condo with Potong Pasir Town past

See details Myra's Master Plan - Centrally located, Bishan and Toa Payoh are towns with easy access to amenities. Residents will benefit from new community and entertainment facilities along with attractive apartment projects such as Myra Condo.


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The completion of 79 Robinson Road in 2020, which was redeveloped by CapitaLand Investment

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