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Myra Condo - The New Definition Of Exclusivity

Myra will house 85 residential units that range from 1 to 4 bedroom units. For those curious how its small size will impact the density of the development, here’s an easy way to look at it. 30,689 sq ft / 85 units = 361 square feet of land per unit. Designed by award-winning UK architects, Pitman Tozer Architects* in collaboration with local firm JGP Architecture*,and landscape architects Aspex of Design*, MYRA introduces a multi-layered experience… that gives new meaning to exclusivity.

Myra Condo 's facade

Take a view at Myra 's Virtual Tour to experience Virtual Tour 3D and Virtual Tour panoramic of the project!

Let me touch a bit more on the exterior of Myra Condo

From afar, Myra condo’s tall columns and mirrored ceilings. The layered canopys of trees covers its residents with a verdant, lush green tranquillity amidst a play of sunlight and shadows and the sound of trickling water. Many different stepped spaces and water edges, and the surrounding body of water work seamlessly to create an unmistakably elegant, sophisticated, sanctuary of peace and tranquillity that is almost.

For those observant enough, you might notice a gradual change of the facade colour as you progress from the bottom of the development to the top. The building facade with a champagne tinge to a relatively muted gold shade. It certainly gives off a warm vibe as opposed to a ‘you-can’t-touch-me’ feel, which you often get with most power colours as black/dark brown.

Interestingly, Myra by Selangor Dredging Berhad is cuts a distinctive profile with its softly rounded façade and subtly coloured, horizontal, aluminium ‘ribbons’ that change in tone upwards – from champagne at the lower floors, to muted gold at the topmostfloor of the horizontal bands. Besides, more than just art, the horizontal ‘ribbons’ also serve more useful purposes. It's to protect both the ownera and the building from the sun and the tropical rain, and to guard the balconies and air conditioning ledges. MYRA is a rare find amidstthe sea of sameness that surrounds us.

Take a look the Myra 's Landscape Architecture to experience the panoramic of the project!

Myra condo 's showflat viewing

Myra condo 's interiors design

Myra condo 's landscape design

Go inside Myra Residences and discover overall inner calm details

Myra Singapore adopts a thoroughly modernist spatial design that come with 8 units per floor from level 2 to level 9, and 7 units per floor from level 10 to level 12. 2 lifts serving all floors (without the inclusion of any private lift access). Especically, its design exudes a discreet and understated simplicity in deference to its location and the community atlarge. Yetits façade, with its gently rounded corners, quietly and confidently expresses its own individuality. Inside, a startling sense of space and natural light embraces you with the promise of a totally new perspective to how luxury living should be. The spaciousness is both liberating and intimate.

It looks quite interesting how they’ve managed to engineer a variation of unit tiers in this small development - buyers have 10 inter-unit variations available to choose from. For example, if you have a look at stack 3, you’ll find 3 floors of D2 (4-bedroom) units – which are essentially a combination of 2 units from the 9 floors of B1 and B2A (2-bedders) below it. It’s also the 4-bedder variation that I much prefer as opposed to the showflat model one (I’ll cover that in a bit).

The entrance door does seem cozy. But what catches is the eye-like opening located a little deeper in which is meant to catch the streams of sunlight by day, and the shadows by night. This architecture is definitely more of an aesthetic implementation than a functional one. It 's certainly offering diversity of design to the space here.

Discover Showflat Viewing to contemplate the perspective of the development as well as magnificient architecture and design!

Myra condo 's layouts architecture

Myra condo 's architecture

Myra condo 's bedroom architecture

Myra With 85 Residences 12 Storeys – All Set In Serenity

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Myra Condo NEWS: Oversupplied HDB BTO is not the answer to housing affordability

Myra Condo NEWS: Oversupplied HDB BTO is not the answer to housing affordability

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17 of 85 residential units at Myra sold out followed by the latest updates.

17 of 85 residential units at Myra sold out followed by the latest updates.

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A Circuit Around Myra Condo: Stroll To Amenities Nearby

Myra is an architectural marvel located along Meppaya Chettiar Road, off Upper Serangoon Road.

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