Top 3 Good Schools Near Myra Condo

Myra is an upcoming private residential Freehold project of impressive scale located in District 13. This apartment is in the Potong Pasir Planning Area of the Rest of Singapore's CBD. The Potong Pasir area is located between Kallang, Paya Lebar and Toa Payoh. Real estate in Potong Pasir that makes it attractive will be its proximity to the city center. The location of the Myra apartment is close to the boundary of the Bidadari residential area. This is part of the overall rejuvenation of the Potong Pasir Estate, where the development of the new Bidadari property will take place at the center stage.

Myra Condo has quick access to many schools with good teaching quality, and this becomes a bright element of this rare Freehold project in District 13. Below is a list of 3 good quality schools and located within short distance close to this project. You can check it out because this is a general article based on search reviews, in addition, you can also find more information about the connection of the project in the Location section.

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Top 1: St Andrew's Secondary School

It can be said that St Andrew's Secondary School is almost right in front of Myra Freehold, only 1 minute away. As a mission school, St Andrew's Secondary School provides a well-rounded education that nurtures young men to be good and responsible citizens. Cultivate in students a strong sense of belonging and the inclination to serve and contribute. Help students discover and hone their skills and talents and bring out the best in them.

St Andrew's Secondary School

Top 2: Cedar Primary School

It takes only 7 minutes from Myra Condo to Cedar Primary School. This is an excellent school because of its quality teaching and dedicated teachers who know their students well. As a result, students of all ages make tremendous progress in speaking, reading and writing, math and their personal development. Some students may be able to return to the mainstream curriculum upon leaving school. This is one of the highly rated schools that you can refer to.

Cedar Primary School

Top 3: Bendemeer Primary School

From Myra Condo, it only takes you 2 minutes to drive to Bendemeer Primary School, one of the best schools in District 13. Bendemeer Primary School was started in 1977 by Mr. Sidek Saniff, Member of Parliament for Kolam Ayer in March 1978. The school's teachers worked tirelessly during the holidays to ensure that the school was safe. The building is complete, clean, safe and ready for students. In addition, there will be a refurbished library in February 2021. The newly renovated library will continue to encourage students to discover the wonder and joy of reading. Classes have also been renamed to reflect the school's values ​​in order to instill in students the values ​​of what it means to be a Bendemeer Primary student.

Bendemeer Primary School

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