Review On The Price Of Myra Compared To Projects Near It In The Vicinity

Since its launch, Myra has been one of the most anticipated and highly interested projects from home buyers as well as investors. A freestanding luxury development based on livability principles, this development begins and takes root at the heart of an extraordinary connected, thriving community. Potong Pasir - where MYRA is located - is a vibrant neighborhood located in District 13. More specifically, it was designed by award-winning UK architects - Pitman Tozer Architects, Myra beautifully illustrated beautiful for the promise of an exclusive lifestyle. From the unique design form, the lush landscape, to the surrounding water features - the project is always inviting exploration and contemplation. Consisting of only 85 apartments with 7 or 8 units per floor, the project is a rare presence among projects in this area.

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The biggest attraction for Myra Condo, besides it being attractive because of its proximity to MRT, its Freehold land use period is an advantage for people to judge whether its price is reasonable or not. This is not the only fixed-ownership project in the vicinity, but it is certainly rare to find a new fixed-ownership project located near a metro station on this list of apartments nearby.

Although Myra Residences is priced higher and is also the most expensive free development on the list (note, we will be looking at two of its main price competitors - The Addition and The Addition) Poiz Residences at the end of this section). 18 Woodsville and One Leicester are the only current freehold stronghold developments in the area, both fronting major roads (i.e. Upper Serangoon Road/PIE). They are also $500 psf more affordable than the Myra.

Compare Myra's prices with nearby properties in the vicinity and project specific price factors

Compare Myra's prices with nearby properties in the vicinity and project specific price factors

Discover Similar Projects Near Myra Today


For those looking for more affordable (relatively new) 99-year rental projects in this fringe area, Nin Residence, Sant Ritz and Sennett Residence are the projects you can choose from. and review. These projects are right across the street, with Nin Residence located close to the upcoming Bidadari real estate. While the Sant Ritz is located near the Upper Serangoon/PIE intersection. Sennett Residence, on the other hand, has direct access to Exit B of the Potong Pasir MRT and the adjacent bus stop, so a slightly higher psf value of $1,462. Woodleigh Residences and Park Colonial are also included here on the grounds that they are New Launch apartments located near the next nearest MRT station (Woodleigh MRT).

For those familiar with these apartments, they measure 273,000+ sqft and 210,000+ sqft respectively, so you're sure to have more apartments and amenities to choose from here. Not to mention the entire commercial space that is part of Woodleigh Residences. Naturally, that explains the much higher psf value even though they have a 99 year lease and the location is a bit further from the edge of the city than the apartments in Potong Pasir. Now the rule of thumb is that projects are free to own 10% more than rental projects. But in this case, we see a 20%+ difference from Poiz Residences based solely on Myra's launch price. There are also many arguments in favor of the valuation of Myra due to the rarity of this free-standing project adjacent to the MRT, and factors such as location, design, etc. This can also be considered if you are on a roadmap to strengthen and expand stable assets or you are self-directed.

Compare the price (PSF) of Myra Condo with some nearby projects

Compare the price (PSF) of Myra Condo with some nearby projects

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