New private home sales of Myra Condo and property market hit over recent 2-year high

The private residential development market continues to face challenges during the pandemic. However, the sales increased for a fifth straight month to hit levels not seen for more than two years. It was robust number that 1.329 residential units sold, 5.6% more than the 1,258 in August 2020, inspite of a decrease in the number of new homes launched in last month. There are 2 other new launch condominium development in that zone - Verdale and Myra, responsibled for selling 59 residential units in total.


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Myra, Penrose and Verdale are upcoming residential projects. There is a total of 909 residential units came onto the market, with 448 apartments sold, accounts for 30% of the total 1,329 units sold. According to Ismail Gafoor, CEO of Propnex, this was a high base that sales turnover in September was going to be a hard act to follow.



Completed in 2023, Myra Condo is a residential property developed by reputable developer Selangor Dredging Berhad. This development offers a total of 85 residential units. Myra illustrates a promising sale and rental demand where since the development is completed. There have been a total of 20 sale transactions and 0 rental transactions. For sales transaction, Myra was purchased at historical high price of S$ 1,874,800 in January 2021 for a 872 sqft apartment and at historical low of S$ 1,076,400 in September 2020 for a 474 sqft apartment.



Latest Sales Transaction of Myra Condo

This bar chart below depicts the statistics on the Myra Residences' latest sales transactions. As we can see, the market for apartments in Myra was quite dynamic in September last year, mainly the transactions of 2 to 3 bedroom residential units with the area ​​​​from 678 sqft to 872 sqft. Apartments in Myra Condo in the year of 2020 have a peak price of about $1,838,400, equivalent to $2,038 psf and the lowest price of $1,381,800, about 2,109 psf.


In January 2021, units price range in Myra have been higher than ever with the price for a 1-bedroom apartment of 474 sqft is about $1,088,912 equivalent to $2,299 psf while the price for a 3-bedroom apartment 872 sqft is $1,874,800. Depending on the time as well as the construction progress of Myra Condo, units prices will increase even higher in the near future. Therefore, homebuyers and investors should consider early to make their choices when owning an apartment in Myra. The units are still for sale continuously, please contact us immediately to make an appointment and discover the project's showflat. Coming to Myra Condo, where the exclusivity and serenity awaits you.

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