Myra ‘s Price Review: Many choices and attractive options for potential home seekers and upgraders

Myra is a freehold luxury development which is stranded on the standards of liveability. The project is located in Potong Pasir, a vibrant neighbourhood located in District 13 Singapore. This is a great haven for those looking for a no-fuss lifestyle that perfectly balances work with quality time spent with family and friends, both indoors and outdoors. Myra also shows beautiful architecture, the promise of exclusive liveability. From its unique design form, lush landscapes, to its surrounding water body – Myra invites exploration and contemplation. Brings many choices for you utilities are right on your doorstep so you don't have to move far. The future residents can get a variety of amenities in the neighborhood as well as attract many potential home seekers and upgraders.

Myra Condo 's Facade

Myra Condo 's Facade

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The biggest draw to Myra Condo along with being close to the MRT - its duration of ownership. This isn't the only permanent property project in the vicinity, but it's certainly rare to find a new freehold project in this location near the metro station. It is also the most expensive freelance project on the list (note, we'll look at its two main price competitors - The Addition and Poiz Residences later in this section).

Myra Condo With A Tropical Sanctuary To Immerse Your Body, Mind & Spirit

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Myra Residences will face opposition on its price, though without a doubt it's well worth the money you pay for an apartment with its location and top-of-the-line freehold. We can consider that an integrated development - complete with commerce, more amenities and metro accessibility - would be more affordable. So that means the competition is quite fierce with other apartments in the area.

Myra Condo 's freehold tenure

Myra Condo 's freehold tenure

One way Myra Singapore really shines is if you want to stick with a unit here for the long term - at least until we observe a decline in leases on some 99 rental projects. The year in Potong Pasir begins to creep in. If we ignore the price and look at the overall project, it is certainly suitable for investors who are fans of the facade design. Although the facilities are somewhat modest, they ensure the comfort of Myra residents.

Myra Condo:  the 3 newest projects

Myra Condo: the 3 newest projects in the immediate area.

In consultation, Myra Condo Freehold 's real draw is its more exclusive position, free land, and convenient location. Looking at the amenities around, you're sure to get everything you need, save for entertainment amenities like cinemas or bowling alleys.

Myra Condo With Spaces Designed With Your Wellbeing In Mind

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