How will shorter leases on Myra or commercial shape the future of work?

WORKPLACES are not likely to be the same ever again. With most people now accustomed to hybrid arrangements put in place over the last two years, the work from home (WFH) and work from anywhere (WFH) culture has become more entrenched. Companies now face resistance from employees as they try to shift people back to offices. In recent public dialogues on Singapore's long-term land use and infrastructure development plan on Apr 9, 2022, Indranee Rajah, the Second Minister for National Development, unveiled key planning strategies for the "Future of Work". These strategies cover five broad areas: decentralization, strengthening CBD as a global hub, shorter leases for commercial sites, industrial clustering, and workplaces near home.


From afar, MYRA cuts a distinctive profile with its softly rounded façade and subtly coloured, horizontal, aluminium ‘ribbons’ that change in tone upwards – from champagne at the lower floors, to muted gold at the topmostfloor of the horizontal bands. However, more than just aesthetics, the horizontal ‘ribbons’ also serve more functional purposes – to protect both the occupants and the building from the sun and the tropical rain, and to shield the balconies and air conditioning ledges.


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Minister Indranee Rajah said that "shorter leases will allow us to respond to future uncertainties more nimbly". She added that "this (shorter lease) will provide businesses with more flexibility, allowing spaces to support evolving business operations... will help our city adapt to fast-changing economic trends." In major cities in China, commercial land is sold on 40-year leases, and commercial land in Hong Kong has been granted 50-year lease extensions since 1997. In Singapore, JTC Corporation allocates industrial land parcels on 30-year leases, with an option to renew for another 30-year term in some cases for firms to build customised manufacturing facilities and plants. Commercial sites sold by the government to private developers are predominantly on 99-year leases.

MYRA’s central feature is its series of interconnected pools,anchored by a 25mlap pool,all of which create multiple water edges with each edge opening up to a different space,and the luxury of different experiences. At the north-east end lies a quiet zone, with its distinctive pool overflow feature designed as rivulets of water. Here, there are decks with sunbath loungers,a poolside walk,a quiet sitting area,an alfresco BBQ dining area, and even a‘Chill Deck’.

Potong Pasir- where MYRA is located - is a vibrant neighbourhood located in District 13.This is an unspoken haven for those who seek an unhurried lifestyle that perfectly balances work with quality time spent with family and friends,both indoors and outdoors.

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