Discover the biggest unit available at the Myra

The largest unit in Myra is 1,324 sq ft, and unlike the other 4-bed unit (D2) that shares a stack with the other twin beds below (2-9 floors), this 4-bedroom apartment is located in a separate stack. Meaning, you only get 4 beds in this stack from 2nd to 12th floors. Needless to say, at 1,324 sq ft for a 4 bedroom apartment, this isn't a place blessed in the size.

Regarding the layout of the 4-bedroom type, a long entrance definitely loses a part of the usability of the space. You also have one of the AC LEDs outside a common room, putting an obstacle up to the size of the windows there.

Finally, at Myra Condo all toilets except the main base bathroom have windows for natural ventilation. A few reasons will make you prefer the D1 variant. First, it's placed in our favorite dumbbell-shaped layout so you don't waste entryway space. Second, you will have an L-shaped kitchen that gives the chef more privacy. And third, your AC light is behind your toilet, which means no split windows throughout the bedrooms.

 Discover the biggest unit available at the Myra

Discover the biggest unit available at the Myra

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Myra Condo's 4 bedroom | Explore details of the biggest unit available

Entering Myra Residences 's 4 bedroom apartment, you are greeted by an entryway into the living area with the owner of the premises to your left and the open plan kitchen to your right. Let's take a look at the junior engineer first before I get to the rest of the unit (its distinct location makes it more distinct from the unit).

Just a quick note first, it's important to note that all Myra Condo ceilings in the project are only 2.85m high - no exceptions for larger/top/bottom units. The overall base is equivalent to all other bedrooms, the height is 2.85m. Please also note that the 2 bedroom B2a units have a peak ceiling height of 2.75m for the bedroom, dining room and living room. First of all, I like that the master bedroom of the facility is set apart from the rest. It just allows a little more flexibility for multigenerational living due to the privacy it serves.

At Myra, some people might object to the inefficiency of that bedroom entrance but we actually quite like its implementation here. Many others will put the door right at the dining area, which is not the best place when it comes to privacy - so this is a better approach. Junior master is a private bathroom with additional balcony space. Therefore, you can probably only fit a queen-sized bed here with enough space for small extra tables. As usual, you get engineered wood flooring. The storage space is also a standard 2-door wardrobe.

The balcony here is equipped with wooden plank flooring, which will be in the actual apartment itself. As mentioned earlier, the developers did not see fit to include noise reduction measures, so you can use ordinary aluminum frame sliding glass doors for the balcony.

Myra Condo: Interior

Myra Condo: Interiors

Myra Condo: Bedroom

Myra Condo: Bedroom

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