BTO flats priced to ensure affordability; not profit-driven: Myra

SINGAPORE (EDGEPROP) - Build-To-Order (BTO) flats are priced with affordability in mind, using an approach that is “totally separate and independent” from the development costs, according to a media statement by the Housing Development Board (HDB). The statement, issued jointly with the Ministry of National Development (MND), highlights that HDB’s pricing approach is unlike private developers. “HDB’s affordability-based flat pricing approach is fundamentally different from private developers’ cost-based pricing approach for private residential developments, which take into account provision for a profit margin," it says. HDB adds that it does not apply a profit margin on costs for BTO projects. HDB also points out that it incurs development losses from its home ownership programme, in contrast to largely profitable private developers. “This reflects our inherently different pricing principles, as HDB prices flats to ensure affordability while private developers price their flats for profit,” it reiterates.

Myra Condo

From afar, MYRA cuts a distinctive profile with its softly rounded façade and subtly coloured, horizontal, aluminium ‘ribbons’ that change in tone upwards – from champagne at the lower floors, to muted gold at the topmostfloor of the horizontal bands. However, more than just aesthetics, the horizontal ‘ribbons’ also serve more functional purposes – to protect both the occupants and the building from the sun and the tropical rain, and to shield the balconies and air conditioning ledges.


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Pricing based on Myra affordability

According to HDB, the media statement was issued in response to media queries on how BTO flat prices are determined and the development costs incurred by HDB. Nicholas Mak, head of research and consultancy at ERA Realty Network, also sees the statement as an explanation of HDB's position to the public given the robust rise in HDB resale flat prices. Between 3Q2020 to 3Q2022, the HDB resale price index increased by 25.5%. "The last time that HDB resale prices increased at a similar rate was during the property boom of 2010 and 2011," he observes.

MYRA’s central feature is its series of interconnected pools,anchored by a 25mlap pool,all of which create multiple water edges with each edge opening up to a different space,and the luxury of different experiences. At the north-east end lies a quiet zone, with its distinctive pool overflow feature designed as rivulets of water. Here, there are decks with sunbath loungers,a poolside walk,a quiet sitting area,an alfresco BBQ dining area, and even a‘Chill Deck’.

Potong Pasir- where MYRA is located - is a vibrant neighbourhood located in District 13.This is an unspoken haven for those who seek an unhurried lifestyle that perfectly balances work with quality time spent with family and friends,both indoors and outdoors.

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